Best school ever. The staff at Fatjo's truly care about their students. They are very aware of each students needs and pace them appropriately. I have observed classes with small children to adults. My 12 year old daughter has been coming here for 1 1/2 years. She has gained great confidence and self esteem since joining, not to mention skills and strength. If you are looking for a place to train for you or your child, this is it!

Marie P.

Matawan, NJ


Let's just say my 7 year old wants to be at Fatjo's MMA more days than he should!  It is the most kind, caring, loving environment for kids of any size!  It's building mental and emotional Strength for my son. They just simply Rock!!

Marissa L.

Matawan, NJ 



One of my favorite places to be & train!
Nina L.
Holmdel, NJ


Our family joined the Fatjo's MMA community in 2011 when my husband and daughter signed up for classes.  As a Mother, the things that stand out to me are the thoughtful gestures that take place off the mats.  For example, the annual BBQ, Parties for the kids and opportunities for siblings to keep busy while their sister or brother train.  From a Student's Perspective, my husband LOVES the classes!  He says they provide a great workout while learning a true skill.  As for my daughter, joining Fatjo's MMA has given her goals.  She strives to internalize the techniques and enjoys practicing with my husband at home.  Joining Fatjo's MMA has given them a bond that is priceless!  And the individuals behind this great school, Jerry & Maria Fatjo are some of the most humble and kind hearted people I have Ever Met.  They are wonderful role models and take the time to teach the children lessons on kindness, respect, healthy lifestyles and safety.  Fatjo's MMA is truly UNIQUE!


Matawan, NJ







My home away from home! Great instructors, great people and a great time!
Christopher Varriale
Matawan, NJ



My son began with MMA in 2011. He is now pursuing his black belt. We could not be happier or prouder. Mr. Fatjo is the perfect balance of disciplinarian and a really nice guy. My husband and I are doing our best to raise a nice young man and Mr. Fatjo reinforces respect, discipline and self confidence. My son is in great physical condition and is very self motivated to work out. He would be there 6 days a week if he could. I highly recommend Fatjo's Mixed Martial Arts.
Amy G

East Brunswick, NJ



This is an amazing place.  I looked around at many local schools before I enrolled my kids here and everything from class size to what was being taught was better.  No hidden fees, 100% honest and ZERO pressure.  You don't have to take my word for it..Mr. Fatjo usually offers a few free classes, again, with no strings attached, truly to just see if you or or child will like it... I highly recommend them.
Chuck T

Lincroft, NJ



Mr Fatjo is an excellent trainer for children, teens and adults. His program is detailed and professional at every level. With many achievements as a professional competitor and instructor, I believe Mr. Fatjo has one of the oldest running programs in the State. There are other fine trainers there, including a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu fourth degree black belt and a national champion.
This was a wonderful find!

Ca G

Princeton, NJ


My home away from home!
Chris Fanelli


The best place in the area to train martial arts. Whether you just want to get in shape, learn practical self defense skills, or even try your hand in competition, Fatjo's MMA is hands down the best place to hone your skills under someone as experienced as Mr. Fatjo. I've been training here for about 3 years and have gotten so much out of it. Couldn't ask for a better gym to train at.
Jake F

Morganville, NJ


By far the best school and team. Fatjos is my 2nd family!
Sean Verl
Matawan, NJ


My daughter has been in the Little Champions class for over a year. It has helped her greatly with her focus and discipline which is hard with a 4 year old. She loves going to class and looks forward to learning new things. All the instructors have been wonderful.
Nikki W
Englishtown, NJ

The best place in nj to learn how to defend yourself, or to change up your workout. Not only do you learn about martial arts but you learn about yourself. Training with sir has changed my life and by training at Fatjo's I gained a second family that I can always count on. There is no judgement at this gym and everyone is looking to help one another better themselves. Fatjo's MMA  has helped me increase my confidence, self discipline, and get myself in better shape not only physically but mentally. I can never thank Sir enough for how much he has done for me over the past five years.
David C
Howell, NJ


I've been training and competing in Muay Thai Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for several years now and have been to a number of schools. Fatjo's Martial Arts Center is a premier training facility for three reasons:
1. Super and inclusive instruction. The head coach in charge is a top-rank Muay Thai fighter and a BJJ black belt. The facility is part of a larger team that features other great martial artists in NJ, so you'll always have multiple experts at each class. The instruction is inclusive, meaning there's no pretense or awkwardness if you're a lower rank and need to ask questions. All your questions will be answered thoroughly. If you want to fight, the coaching will bring you up the ranks. If you just want to train and lose weight, the coaching will put you in the best position to do so.
2. Courteous and skilled teammates. There are experienced fighters and hobbyists of all ages that come to train. Everyone comes to the facility to learn.Teammates will answer your questions and are a part of the positive atmosphere at Fatjo's. Simply put, the people that train here are good folks.
3. A positive atmosphere. The martial arts, and especially Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, is known to feature flagship and world-famous competition teams that harbor questionable training atmospheres. At Fatjo's, you'll have a good time training. You'll be safe with your teammates and instructors. Most of all, you'll reach your goals and have the help to do so...

Jason Pat


Great work out! My husband and I live in Keyport and have been training Muay Thai Kickboxing & MMA since 2009 and we have loved every minute of it! The Instructors are great and care about every aspect of their students' lives. I highly recommend Fatjo's MMA to individuals and families!

Keyport, NJ


This is no doubt the best martial arts training zone ever. The instructors are out of this world and while being stern and showing you everything (dont be afraid to ask questions) they also are amazingly nice. Mr. Fatjo is also extremely nice and overall this is just a great family friendly place.

Sean Astin


I have been attending Fatjo's MMA for over ten years now and I absolutely love it. Whether for stress relief, physical image, or for a sport, I love going there at the end of the day and getting a great exercise. As someone who has taken kids classes, teen classes, and adult classes, trust me: every single class is amazing. For the kids classes, the staff is friendly and helpful. With more than one instructor for every class, kids are immediately being assisted with whatever technique they have an issue with. For the teen classes, every student is welcoming and helpful and the techniques are tailored to all the students, despite rank. In adult classes, it is a humbling experience and everyone is assisting and friendly, no matter if the class Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or MMA.

Bailey C.

Marlboro, NJ